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Sustainable design and responsible sourcing is at the forefront of conversations in all three sectors – cruise, hotel, and aircraft interiors. What is often overlooked is the importance of collaborating across sectors and how exchanging ideas with other brands can impact our overall goal – a more sustainable future.

The Sustainable Design Summit brings together those involved in the design and fit-out of cruise ships, hotels & resorts, and aircrafts to share knowledge, challenge existing practices, and together develop a strategy for sustainable interiors. 

Take a look at what those who attended had to say…

"The inaugural Sustainable Design Summit gave me an opportunity to see that aviation shares a number of common challenges and goals with the hotel and cruise industries in designing with circular economies in mind.

Being surrounded by passionate people, driven to do better was infectious. I am thankful to represent Boeing and encourage the collaboration necessary to create positive change".

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Tasha Jackson
Sustainability Lead | Boeing

"We need to talk. We need to share information and learnings. Whilst the industry will remain competitive we will need to put some of the fears associated with competition aside to share best practice, build new structures, and define new networks to reclaim and reuse rather than simply produce and sell".
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Luke Pearson
Co-founder & Director | Pearson Lloyd

"It was very valuable to benchmark our sustainability efforts of the cruise sector together with the hotel and aviation sectors in the inspiring atmosphere of the Sustainable Design Summit.
It was great to see that we are moving forward together and that we have similar cross-sectoral ambitions to develop the sectors and find sustainable solutions. A good example is the joint effort to create common standards and certification for sustainable development".
Mirja Rasi-Mäki
Sustainability Specialist | Meyer Turku

"Sustainable Design Summit is a great opportunity to speak with existing or new suppliers who are open to providing sustainable alternatives and willing to collaborate on potential bespoke solutions. Specifically, the presentation made by Ben Orson on the FlyZero initiative, gave me access to knowledge previously unknown and expanded my understanding of what is currently being done and what are good next steps on the path to sustainability".
Louis Lefebvre
Industrial Designer | Bombardier

"Thanks for the opportunity Sustainable Design Summit to give input on this very important topic from design and Accor perspective. Was a pleasure to attend and be a part of the journey we're all taking".
arun rana
Arun Rana
Design Manager Northern Europe | Accor

"Fantastic venue, a great mix of people, and some really interesting speakers. A really timely and important event. It was both enjoyable and highly useful for making new contacts and picking up new ideas and insights. I certainly hope to make it a regular item in the diary".
ben orson headshot
Ben Orson
FlyZero Cabin Lead | Orson Associates
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