By attending Sustainable Design Summit, in just one day, you will gain actionable insights, discover a showcase of intrinsically green products, and come away with a framework for tangible steps to take into your next project.

To find out what took place at the 2022 event, download the Delegate Programme here or take a look at the full session breakdown below.

Tuesday 29 November

9am - 9.30am

Welcome coffee, networking & product showcase

9.30am - 9.35am

Host Opening Remarks


Roddy Clarke
Design Journalist & Consultant
9.35am - 10.20am

Keynote: One Planet, One Mission: Tackling Common Challenges across air, sea & land-based interiors

  • What are the common challenges for interior designers in cruise, hotels and aircraft cabins?
  • How do sustainable interiors impact the customer experience?
  • What are the sustainability wins from re-framing the product and its guest experience, e.g offering less?
  • What are we learning about responsible luxury?
  • How does the end-to-end journey look across air travel, cruise travel and hotels? Are there disparities between the different touchpoints?
  • Do space constraints create barriers to being sustainable? If so, what are the opportunities for change?
  • How does all this impact interior designers across each sector?
  • Some operational, design and sourcing solutions
  • How do we measure the impact of our actions/sustainability?


Emma Reynolds
Automotive Senior Account Manager, Europe, Ultrafabrics
Arun Rana
Design Manager Northern Europe, Accor
Linden Coppell
Vice President Sustainability & ESG, MSC Cruises
Katie-May Boyd
CMF Specialist, SeymourPowell
Matt Round
Chief Creative Officer, Tangerine
10.30am - 11.10am

Breakout Sessions

Delegates attend 1 session out of the 3 options outlined below.

Breakout #1: Circular Design 101

  • Circular design strategy & lifecycle assessment and analysis
  • Designing for end use and end of life
  • Material composition knowledge
  • Eco-design: Finding a balance between form, function, lifetime and life cycles
  • Considerations: Weight, durability, sanitisation, maintainability, ability to be dissassembled
  • Sustainable Ends: Waste reduction, closed loop; controlling emissions; and maintaining resources in circulation
  • Re-manufacturing in automotives
  • Plant-based materials and bio-design


Breakout #2: Colour, Material & Finish

  • How to evaluate sustainability criteria when selecting products?
  • Exploring the differences in benefits to be had between recycled, carbon neutral materials, bio-based materials, biodegradable and where do virgin products sit?
  • How can a material choice make a positive impact on the sustainable processing?
  • How to track a specified material through its life cycle to ensure maximum benefit is gained at the end of life?
  • How to retain the sustainable elements in procurement through to the finished product?
  • Reflecting brand values in specified colours, materials and finishes
  • Availability of certified materials
  • Owner pull or supplier/designer push? How to create a positive attitude and balance cost with desire/need


Breakout #3: Sustainability Infrastructure: Ratings, Tools & Tech

  • How to use environmental benchmarking to support sustainable processes?
  • Are the benchmarking tools becoming mandatory?
  • Sustainable design choices: What are the key questions which designers can ask product manufacturers?
  • Education: Learning from pilot projects
  • Setting ambitious targets toward continuous improvement
  • New tech: What types of materials are not in existence now, but are reasonably expected to exist in the near future?

Session Leaders

Victoria Müller
Sustainability Manager, TUI Cruises
Kirsty Dias
Managing Director, PriestmanGoode
Kristin May
Chief Commercial Operations Officer, Vyv
Jamie Douglas
Fleet Experience Innovation & Development, Virgin Voyages
Jan Magdal Poulsen
Brand & CSR Director, Ege Carpets
Tony Seville
Director & Head of Sustainability, AIRA
Felicia Zwebner
Chief Executive, FZ Collection
Ben Tilston
Director of Design , IHG Hotels & Resorts
Petra Ryberg
Principal Designer and Owner, Studio Berg+
Alan Stewart
Director, SMC Design
Peter Joehnk
Founder & Partner, JOI-Design
Peter Cooke
Design Lead, British Airways
Giacomo Villa
Head of Sales, Manifattura Testori
George Scammell, ASID, IIDA
Director, Interior Asset Management - Technical Operations , Princess Cruises
Lone Ditmer
Marketing Manager & Sustainable Business Development, Dansk Wilton
Gijs Streppel
Programme Manager Sustainability, Meyer Werft
Ruth Greany
Colours and Materials Design Strategist, Substance
Elina Kopola
Founder, Director, Green Cabin Alliance and Trendworks
Siu Lie Tan
Founder, Circular Symbiosis
Callie Tedder-Hares
Founding Partner, Volume Creative
Jamie Granados
Business Development Director, Drive Design
11.10am - 11.40am

Coffee, Networking & Product Showcase

11.40am - 12.25pm

Plenary: Designed for Zero

  • Reducing carbon emissions as soon as possible and towards net zero by 2050
  • The significance and role of the cabin in sustainable aviation
  • FlyZero cabin design project, key findings
  • Lifecycle assessment findings: Which materials to use, which materials not to use
  • Bio-sourced design: understanding the criteria, the decision-making process and the business case
  • What technologies will help support the journey towards net zero?


Beatrice Siri
AVP Architectural Outfitting & Design, Newbuilding & Innovation, Royal Caribbean Group
Zuzana Hrnkova
Vice President & Head of Marketing, ATR
Ben Orson
FlyZero Cabin Lead, Orson Associates
12.25pm - 1.25pm

Lunch, Networking & Product Showcase

After a busy morning, lunch will be served and delegates can network with peers. Delegates will also have the opportunity to explore the product showcase.

1.25pm - 2.10pm

Plenary: Pitching to stakeholders: How to hold a conversation about sustainability?

  • Making stakeholder conversations relevant – how to minimise the overwhelm?
  • Understanding the science of behaviour change: behaviours are setting values (not vice versa)
  • How sustainability motivations can inform ways to progress (mix of it’s the right thing to do; selling point to customers; meeting ESG criteria can attract funding; makes financial sense)
  • Re-designing the product offering to attract sustainability wins
  • Weight, packaging and transportation considerations for environmental impact
  • How to get sustainability into decision-making (at board level and project level)?
  • Building checkpoints for asking the right questions of the right people at the right time
  • Building in transparency in terms of type and detail of information shared
  • Developing the pitch: ten top tips


Tasha Jackson
Sustainability Director, Boeing
Luke Pearson
Co-founder and Director, Pearson Lloyd
Thomas Westergaard
Consultant, Hurtigruten Expeditions
Bryan Liska
Director of Design , Hilton Latin America & the Caribbean
2.20pm - 3.05pm

Sector Breakouts: Roundtable Discussions (Chatham House Rules apply)

Airlines, Cruise lines and Hotel owners adjourn to industry-specific breakout spaces in which they can have an open conversation from an industry brand perspective behind closed doors. Chatham House Rules apply. Participants in the supply chain discuss issues common across all sectors.

Breakout #1: Cruise Interiors

  • What does our ecosystem look like?
  • What's uniquely important/next in the cruise sector?
  • How does governance/legislation inform sustainability progress in our sector?
  • What do we as the brand owners need from any ratings tools/certifications?
  • What are our 3 key messages for our supply chain?


Breakout #2: Aircraft Interiors

  • What does our ecosystem look like?
  • What's uniquely important/next in the aircraft cabin sector?
  • How does governance/legislation inform sustainability progress in our sector?
  • What do we as the brands owners need from any ratings tools/certifications?
  • What are our 3 key messages for our supply chain?


Breakout #3: Hotel Interiors

  • What does our ecosystem look like?
  • What's uniquely important/next in the hotel sector?
  • How does governance/legislation inform sustainability progress in our sector?
  • What do we as the brand owners need from any ratings tools/certifications?
  • What are our 3 key messages for our supply chain?


Breakout #4: Supply Chain

  • Consider what are the benefits of stretching sustainability goals?
  • How can Certifications help to underpin conversations with clients?
  • Where best to invest R&D funds and attentions?
  • Taking into account key considerations: IMO, CAA, FAA, durability, maintainability, cleanability, sustainability and beautiful design
  • Update on key emergent technologies
  • How does governance/legislation inform sustainability progress in our sector?

Session Leaders

Tom Hupe
Senior Director of Design and Architecture, EMEA, Hilton Hotels
Tasha Jackson
Sustainability Director, Boeing
Callie Tedder-Hares
Founding Partner, Volume Creative
My Nguyen
Director of Interior Design, Holland America Group
3.05pm - 3.35pm

Coffee, Networking & Product Showcase

A chance to grab a refreshment, network with peers and explore our innovative product showcase.

3.35pm - 4.30pm

Plenary Round up and setting our intention

  • Understanding how to define - this is where you are, and this is where we need to try and get to next
  • Views at the end of the day: What constitutes a sustainable interior?
  • What's needed from the supply chain?
  • What's needed on the ratings tools/certification side?
  • What's next? What's possible?
  • Where are the drivers for change: Owners and customers?


Ana Quintas
Lead Built Environment EMEA, Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute
Simon Wyatt
Partner, Cundall
Sioban Imms
CMF Consultant, Substance
Lukas Kaestner
President, Sustainable Aero Lab & Crystal Cabin Awards

Summit closes

All delegates are invited to join us for networking drinks at the Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe Opening Party in the evening.

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