Product Showcase

The Product Showcase will feature a gallery-style display of hand-selected sustainable products from interior suppliers working within the cruise, hotel, and aviation industries. Take a look at the products that will be displayed including composites, materials, and other interior products.

If you are interested in participating in the Product Showcase, please enquire here.


Aquafil SpA

The “Born R2R by Aquafil” initiative aims at engaging Aquafil’s clients in eco-designing the carpets of the future, given that products need to be conceived from the beginning to be fully recyclable at the end of their life. More specifically, Aquafil has been working closely with its clients to produce fully disassemble carpets (some IMO certified) with materials and fibres that are compatible with the ECONYL® regeneration system. This way, at the end of their useful life, carpets can be recycled instead of being disposed to a landfill or sent to incineration. More precisely, the parts made of ECONYL® regenerated nylon will be recovered and recycled into new ECONYL® nylon fibres by Aquafil. This closes the loop and allows the industry to take a step forward toward circularity.

Bath Fitter

Our innovative bath-over-bath technique has proven to be the perfect solution for the Cruise Ship Industry. Bath Fitter’s shower-over-shower, bath-over-bath and bath-to-shower conversions offer grout-free, one-piece seamless walls that will please any ship’s cleaning staff. Our specially trained installers take any and all challenges in their stride, whether it’s limited time, access, or space. They have remodelled bathrooms while at sea and in dry dock. Our manufacturing team, have designed and produced custom-made, premium-quality acrylic sinks for staterooms. Bath Fitter developed the high-quality, durable, non-porous acrylic used to create our baths, showers, walls, and accessories, which is why we, unhesitatingly, offer the best on-site warranty. Our sustainability is key to our success; we do not rip out products and dump them in landfills, we simply go over existing baths and showers in as little as one day.


Discover BoTracks, an innovative and eco-conscious 3-piece bed skirt solution revolutionizing linen care across the global hospitality industry. BoTracks significantly cuts down on water usage by lessening the frequency of laundering, promoting sustainable hotel operations. Its efficient design enables bed skirt replacement without the heavy lifting of mattresses, streamlining both time and energy. With a seamless attachment to the top edge of the box spring, BoTracks ensures your 3-piece bed skirt hangs flawlessly. The swift, one-time installation not only conserves resources but is also embraced in luxury establishments worldwide. Choose this ground-breaking, sustainable bed skirt system that guarantees a neat look day after day. By opting for BoTracks, you’re not just preserving impeccable bed skirts you’re also reducing water consumption, endorsing eco-friendly practices, and providing a globally recognized standard of hospitality.


Dibella will be participating in the Product Showcase at Sustainable Design Summit 2023. Their full bio will be available shortly…

Foglizzo Leather

Revolutionary Recycled Leather by Foglizzo Sustainable Lab

The most sustainable alternative to leather, is revolutionizing the industry with its innovative approach. Made from pre/post-consumer leather scraps, it utilizes 85% leather fibres, offering a customizable experience akin to genuine leather. The top colour can be personalized to any desired shade, providing designers with a creative playground within Foglizzo Custom range.

What sets it apart is its commitment to full circularity. It comprises only two components: leather fibres and polyester fibres, eliminating the need for glue or resin. Unlike many vegan alternatives, it does not employ PVC or PU coating, ensuring breathability. Furthermore, it boasts an impressive sustainability profile. With up to 85% recycled leather fibre, surpasses the 45% maximum of existing alternatives. Additionally, 50% of the polyester fibre is recycled. This translates to a remarkable 60-85% reduction in carbon footprint compared to natural leather. And it’s already certified by GRS.


Founded in 2015, nexgentec was launched because of a lack of interfaces existing, that were suitable to allow the high-end marine and residential markets, to fully work with Dante audio over IP solutions. The MCP4K, the very first product launched by nexgentec, was warmly welcomed, and soon designated ‘the last missing link’, taking audio over IP now truly to the next level. Since then, nexgentec continues to engineer solutions that are always more efficient in terms of application, system design, size, and energy consumption. It guarantees not only the best digital sound quality, but also the coolest user experience in terms of features and functions, that can be fully controlled and customized in the proprietary software modules, so it can be used for any equipment in every zone. Today, nexgentec has made itself indispensable in this niche market, where it is being specified by most shipyards and technology advisers and installed by all the main integrators in Europe.


Granorte will be participating in the Product Showcase at Sustainable Design Summit 2023. Their full bio will be available shortly…

Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik AS

Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik AS was established in Lillehammer in 1887 and is today one of the world’s leading suppliers of upholstery fabrics. We have developed and produced textiles for the cruise and hotel industry for many years, and have many large and well-known brands on our reference list. Annually, the factory produces approximately 600,000 meters of textile. Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik specializes in woollen textiles. The mill has a unique production line where all processes take place under the same roof, from raw material to finished product. This means that we have control over the entire value chain, and with design, development and production close to each other, we have high flexibility and can create high quality products. Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik produces textiles with nature as a source and input factor and with minimal use of chemicals. Wool is a natural raw material with natural technical properties that is renewable and biodegradable. The factory is known for products with a long lifespan. GU has received the DOGA label (formerly the Label for Good Design / Merket for God Design) 20 times for 23 products. One of our most famous textiles is the classic Hallingdal 65, designed by Nanna Ditzel.


Quality light by a powerful trio: design, technology, and sustainability

As a global company with a widespread presence in different countries, we recognise our responsibility to make a positive impact on the environment and communities we belong to.

That’s why at LedsC4, sustainability is an integral part of our identity that we are dedicated to keep developing and improving.

Milestones (to present-day)

  • EcoVadis Gold Medal
  • 98.3% Luminaires with replaceable driver
  • 98.3% Luminaires with replaceable LED
  • 90% Easy-to-disassemble lighting
  • 78.7% Designs with recyclable structure
  • 57% New pieces made of recyclable materials
  • 60% Connective lighting
  • Main manufacturing centres with photovoltaic panels installed

Manifattura Testori

Manifattura Testori has developed new IMO sustainable fabrics with 100% recycled FR polyester as well as natural fibres, suitable for upholsteries, bedding components, curtains, bed runners and wallcoverings for both cabins and public spaces. With more than 50 years of experience in the Transportation sector, we were able to apply the same technology also to different applications, as per the Aviation cabin interiors, without losing creativity, design, craftmanship and made in Italy. Standards: GRS, OEKO-TEX, REACH.

Morbern Europe

Morbern’s total commitment to greener living and eco-friendly solutions makes it a leader in the supply of sustainable vegan leather.

Morbern was one of the first manufacturers to introduce durable FR-free coated fabrics to meet the growing demand for materials without flame-retardant (FR) additive in North America. As the FR-free revolution gained momentum around the world, Morbern expanded its FR-free product range and launched MorGreen™: a collection of coated fabrics without any chemical FR additives, still achieving CAL117, the European Fire Norm EN1021 (Part 1&2) and the much coveted OekoTex Label. The most recent addition to the MorGreen™ FR-free collection, EvoHide™, combines high bio-content ingredients and a 100% recycled polyester backing fabric to reach 75% sustainable content.

As a pioneer of durable, eco-friendly surface solutions, Morbern Europe also opted this January (2023) to switch the backing of its 8 best-selling IMO MED certified product ranges to a 100% recycled fabric, knitted in-house with Repreve™ yarn, derived from used PET plastic bottles. Morbern Europe is part of the global ISO9001:2015 & ISO14001:2015 certified company, headquartered in Ontario, Canada with a central European distribution hub in Belgium.

Secto Design

Secto Design is a family company that manufactures premium wooden lamps handmade in Finland. Secto Design has a collection of decorative lighting that is easy to combine in a plethora of ways and will fit into most interiors and styles.


Spradling will be participating in the Product Showcase at Sustainable Design Summit 2023. Their full bio will be available shortly…

Tower Supplies

CtrlFlow can completely change the cleaning and disinfecting process onboard vessels reducing plastics, costs, logistics and transport by replacing up to 90% of your regular cleaning and disinfectant products with an environmentally friendly sustainable solution. CtrlFlow produces a constant supply of liquid solution, on demand, that can be dispensed into buckets, sprayers, or containers. Not only is it completely hypoallergenic and safe to use on any surface, it’s also deceptively powerful and proven to be up to 100 times more effective than bleach. By applying a small electrical current to a specialised electrolysis cell CtrlFlow generates a powerful, yet environmentally friendly and sustainable, combined sanitising and cleaning solution using just water and salt. The CtrlFlow-40 Plus system is used extensively on cruise ships in all areas including cabins, restaurants and cafes, kitchens and bars, as well as public and crew quarters.

Volume Creative

Volume Creative will be participating in the Product Showcase at Sustainable Design Summit 2023. Their full bio will be available shortly…

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