Product Showcase

The Product Showcase will feature a gallery-style display of hand-selected sustainable products from interior suppliers working within the cruise, hotel, and aviation industries. Take a look at the products that will be displayed including composites, materials, and other interior products.

If you are interested in participating in the Product Showcase, please enquire here.



Evohide™ Mistral leads the way in sustainable surface solutions. Formulated with phthalate-free, bio-attributed PVC resins (originating from agricultural and forestry biomass) and bio-based plasticisers derived from Europe & USA-sourced soya bean oil, this durable vegan leather features a 100% recycled polyester backing made from used plastic water bottles.

The combination of these ISCC & RSB-certified renewable ingredients makes for a 75% sustainable content-coated fabric, suitable for all indoor and outdoor upholstery applications.
Mistral is named after the strong, “masterly” (in Occitan) wind that plays an important role in the Mediterranean region’s climate.

In addition to the Mistral stock range, the appearance and properties of Evohide™ can be tailored to meet designers’ expectations, from plain leather-look surfaces to textile-inspired grains, always achieving an excellent haptic.
EvoHide can also be laminated on high recycled content multi-knit substrates to offer greener wall & headliner options featured in our new MorPH added-value collection.

Galaneia OÜ

Walking along the Estonian seaside you see a lot of reed growing, this is a 100% natural product out of nature. We collect the reed in winter and turn them into the world’s most sustainable straws. The process that uses no chemicals makes these straws the world’s #1 nature-friendly straws. All the leftovers from the straw process are gathered together to create, the world’s first green plates and cups.

Did you know that cruise ships around the world use around 750 million straws every year, most of them plastic? Save nature and start using the world’s first 100% natural straws. As we say if someone throughs our caps or straws over the border of the ship, then no harm is made, as the product is back to where it came from.

Marahrens Group

As a family-owned and managed business, thinking in generations has been at the forefront of Marahrens Group. Of course, this should not be restricted to business-related matters, but extensive work is being done to find exciting new solutions based on both recycled and sustainable materials as well as new technologies as substitutes.

Marahrens’ own in-house 3D-printing capabilities in combination with a circular approach for materials enable a re-usage of materials, for example. However, this should not stop with materials nicely recycled through an established system, but also include materials causing damage to the environment, if placed incorrectly.

The showcased 3D-printed illuminated letters were made from recycled synthetic material. Whilst this has a sustainable component, the material was collected from the world’s oceans and used to be former fish nets, following the above principle.


At Kvadrat Really, we upcycle end-of-life textiles into premium-quality engineered materials suitable for industrial-scale projects: Solid Textile Board and Acoustic Textile Felt. Designers and architects use these to create beautiful furniture and interiors, challenge conventions and inspire collaborations.

Produced on-site in Denmark, our materials underline that the notion of ‘waste’ is, in itself, a waste. Cutting-edge, they revitalise end-of-life textiles into a viable material, which can be recycled again and again.

Solid Textile Board and Acoustic Textile Felt show that circular design exists beyond ambition and is a powerful reality today. They provide an elegant solution to a pressing problem: currently, only 25% of the 95% of textiles that can be recycled actually are.

Critically, it’s not just our materials themselves that challenge conventional thinking; it’s also the process of working with them. As they act as a creative palette, exploring their use inevitably reveals opportunities for circular collaboration and design.

These sparks of insight provoke our partners to re-consider the relationship they have with resources and suppliers. The new thinking this brings goes towards reshaping the spaces where we lead our lives, from boutiques to offices.

As a result, the momentum towards a more circular world gathers pace. And we get ever closer to our goal of a completely waste-free solution.


Breathable upholstery material thanks to laif technology and sustainable thanks to 65% natural and recycled raw materials:
For the new skai® VyP Coffee with laif technology, spent coffee grounds are reused for the first time as a raw material to produce breathable upholstery fabrics. The authentic look and soft feel, together with the consistent use of sustainable ingredients and the resource-saving, energy-efficient manufacturing process in Germany, contribute to a complete picture of a sustainable product. Thanks to laif technology, it is breathable and therefore ideal for long periods of sitting.

The authentic look and soft feel with the consistent use of sustainable raw materials and the resource-saving, energy-efficient manufacturing process In Germany using green energy contribute to the complete picture of a sustainable product.

By using coffee grounds, waste is avoided and no greenhouse gases such as methane and carbon dioxide are produced.

Cristallux GmbH

Cristallux produces its own zero waste alternative material completely in-house, called Alamar. Any waste or cut-offs are being re-integrated in the next production cycle. Alamar is based on a 100% recyclable thermoplastic resin. With its various customizable optics in marble stone finishes, alabaster and glass, it requires 5 times less energy usage when compared with processing real glass or stone, without compromising the look and feel. On top of that Alamar is extremely durable and much lighter in weight.


The production of olive oil generates waste. This waste contains very interesting components for tanning: phenols and polyphenolic compounds with high antimicrobial and phytotoxic action, but also antioxidants and tanning agents. Unlike all other vegetable tanning, no natural resources are consumed, and no forests are deforested for the cultivation to extract vegetable tannins. The tanning agent of Evo Leather allows the reduction of acids, salts, syntans and dyestuffs as compared to traditional tanning methods.

At Foglizzo our philosophy is one of “use what’s already there” as the raw material for decoration. Our commitment to a more sustainable world means: choosing a material with a low environmental impact that will last over time, is almost maintenance free and can be repaired, reused or recycled. All our production is based on hides collected as a by-product of the food industry that would otherwise be scrapped as waste.


The first biobased high-performance fabric, Volar Bio is revolutionary in design and style. Committed to reducing our dependency on finite resources, we have incorporated renewable, plant-based materials into the multiple layers of our proprietary construction.

Proudly touting a 29% Bio Preferred Program Label, Volar Bio was created for the designs of tomorrow. Maintaining the unrivalled performance of all Ultrafabrics materials, Volar Bio is bleach cleanable with an organic texture that will provide a contemporary aesthetic to any setting. Volar Bio comes in 15 shades perfect for mindful creation.

Volar Bio received the Innovation award in the PETA UK Vegan Homeware awards, and most recently won the textile category of the 2021 Good Design Awards.


Iris Ceramica Group, a world leader in the production of ceramic surfaces for 60 years, brings together the major players on the international design and architecture scene: Ariostea, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, Iris Ceramica, Porcelaingres, SapienStone and StonePeak. The Group’s headquarters are in Fiorano Modenese, its production sites in Italy, Germany and the USA, while it is present in over 100 countries with a wide range of design solutions: from hospitality to the residential sector, from architecture to design furniture, responding fully to all contemporary building and living needs. The company has always been driven by a strong pioneering spirit and attention to environmental sustainability.

Iris Ceramica Group produces high-performing and authentically beautiful ceramic surfaces. The Group’s pioneering spirit and aesthetic and technological research allow it to express authentic uniqueness in the sector, for example, its “full body” technical ceramic materials and Active Surfaces® eco-active ceramic surfaces, with their antibacterial, antiviral, anti-pollution, anti-odour and self-cleaning properties, tested according to ISO standards and covered by two European patents.

Ege Carpets

We are displaying newly developed contract quality carpets, produced in 100% wool. This groundbreaking development is set to replace the industry standard 80/20 wool/ Nylon mix. Creating purer products, without the 20% nylon.

The new product is called Ege Colortec wool. It is suitable for both hotels and cruise ships (IMO approved). Ege Colortec Wool is designed for heavy commercial traffic, making it suitable for both public areas and Rooms/ Cabins.

Vyv and MJM Marine

Vyv’s antimicrobial lighting solutions offer greater protection for guests and staff at a time when expectations for environmental wellness are higher than ever. Vyv’s LEDs offer a non-chemical solution for cleaning, and unlike wiping and washing, the technology works non-stop to eliminate microbial buildup on surfaces and in hard-to-reach spaces that routine cleanings fail to keep up with, or simply miss.

The lighting solutions meet international standards for unrestricted use around people, pets and plants, and International Energy Conservation Code (IECC C405.3.1). Making transportation and hospitality environments cleaner around the clock in user-friendly and planet-friendly ways.

Vyv, MJM Marine and LightPartner have partnered and recently implemented antimicrobial overhead lighting on board Marella cruise ships. This partnership allows MJM to be at the forefront of award-winning research and innovation, collaborating in partnership since the beginning of 2022 to enhance environmental wellness and safety onboard cruise ships. The partnership will reach new milestones by the end of 2022, with MJM’s multi-million-pound cabin refurbishment project onboard Marella Cruises’ Discovery collaborating on the installation of Vyv’s technology to adjoining wet units.


Bette baths, shower trays and washbasins are made from natural materials, with no plastic and can be completely recycled. The glazed titanium-steel material is so durable, that all products come with a thirty-year warranty. They are also extremely easy to clean, with minimum resources required. Bette uses significant quantities of carbon-neutral, green steel in its manufacturing: over 59,000 products have been made using green steel since 2021, with no extra cost to customers. Bette’s environmentally friendly manufacturing incorporates electricity and heat generation from solar and combined heat and power plants. Bette products are verified to the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) as per ISO 14025 and to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Axpro Concept

Sustainability isn’t just about coral reefs, rain forests and polar bears. It’s about sustaining the industries that comprise this world.

In AxPro Concept we believe that being sustainable is a process but a well-designed product is a great starting point!
We introduce our 100% undyed wool Axminster carpet, with jute backing. We are using natural, low emissive fibers that don’t require fertilizers and pesticides to produce as well as innovative designs to get 100% biodegradable product.
Eco-friendly components used in our Axminster range offer the benefit of being low maintenance, elegant and universal for any scheme. We invite you to discover a timeless beauty of high-quality natural materials.
By renovating and improving our manufacturing sites we are continuously increasing our capacity and lowering our carbon footprint.

Our goal is to encourage the industry professionals to share and work together for a common goal.

Spared® by Volume Creative

A creative service turning waste into beautiful objects Spared from landfill.

Spared is a start-up by Volume Creative, born from a desire to support brands in reusing their own waste in their own environments. Their vision is to grow to create big change and help clients take proactive action against waste and its impact on our planet by creating beautiful objects, furniture, art and surfaces from it. Spared are designers by trade and designers at heart, and create beautiful detailing and modern, timeless designs.

In addition to product design, the R&D process that Spared offers explores ways to tap into existing waste streams, to support organisations’ sustainability responsibilities through innovative design. All Spared products are bespoke and handmade in the UK (which reduces waste and carbon emissions) and can be made to any Pantone colour and specification.

Sika Limited

To help the shipbuilding industry to reduce CO2 emissions, Sika has developed an ultra-lightweight floating floor solution that will reduce the weight by an astonishing 24 kg/m2 compared to traditional floating floor construction used in the shipbuilding industry. By reducing the weight of the ship construction, we can help to minimise fuel consumption and reduce the emission of CO2!


ANKER combines innovative designs from the aviation industry with multiple decades-long experience in craftsmanship and the art of weaving.

Our AIRlight ECO® surface is made of 100% recycled Econyl® yarn with a construction yarn made of 100% polyester. The backing itself is high-quality PVB, reusing laminated glass, from windshields and architectural/building glass, that otherwise would go to landfill. The non-toxic binder (no chlorine or phthalates) is fully recyclable and thus lives up to the future standards of the industry.


Our new sustainable collection for transport on water, air and beyond.

A product created with recycled raw materials and can be upcycled.

100% recycled FR PES yarns contribute to the ecosystem, saving energy, water and CO2, also during industrial textile production.

Kenoteq Ltd

The award-winning K-Briqs® and K-Slips bring a unique aesthetic edge and ultra-low carbon credentials to interiors projects with sustainability at their heart, replacing traditional clay bricks and slips with the patented Kenoteq version made from over 90% recycled construction and demolition waste and an impressive +95% reduction in carbon footprint. With comparable technical specifications, the unfired K-Briqs and K-Slips are available in 13 standard colours and, through the use of our non-toxic recycled pigments, can be created in all manner of bespoke colours to allow colour matching, brand synergy and creative development options. Bespoke shapes and dimensions can also be explored. As standard, the K-Briq is available in the UK standard brick size with elongated bricks also available on request. K-Slips are available in 3 sizes to allow maximum design flexibility, replicating standard brickslips or providing more elegant alternatives. All K-Briqs and K-Slips are 100% recyclable.

Bourne Group

Certified Recyclable Wayfinding Program

Bourne Group has identified wayfinding systems as the first sign type within our segment of the industry that could have a great impact with a certified recyclable program. Historically, wayfinding is something that changes frequently as venues change or in some cases general capacity is added. Wayfinding always needs to reflect these changes and hence it can be considered a high-turnover product. To date, these sign types have been thrown away after their short life cycle — in many cases that life cycle is less than three years.

Under our new Certified Recyclable Wayfinding Program, the acrylic used will now be collected during dry dock and shipped to Bourne Group for recycling purposes as opposed to going straight to a landfill. This acrylic wayfinding is produced in a way that it can be easily processed and recycled. The cycle is documented and when the inevitable replacement time comes the same acrylic that was once used for this system can be reused. The cycle can repeat indefinitely.

This process is certified by the internationally recognized Global Recycle Standard (GRS) and Recycled Content Certification (RCC), both of which set rigorous requirements for the content, a chain of custody, environmental practices and chemical restrictions. At the end of a successful project, this documentation is shared with our clients to ensure the validity of our program.

Architextural, part of William Smith Group

More designers are trying to source more sustainably. As an innovation that gives new life to outdated fixtures, Architectural Finishes are films that refurbish surfaces and keep them in use for longer. Architextural is the leading stockist and supplier of brands including 3M DI-NOC, Cover Styl’ and LX Hausys BENIF with over 1000 patterns and finishes at your fingertips. But it’s not just interiors that can be upcycled. Have you thought about building windows too? Window films are a top-tier technology for energy conservation – FACT! With over 5 million buildings having 3M window film installed already, this is a credible method to reduce the carbon footprint of a building.

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