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Product Showcase

The Product Showcase features a gallery-style display of hand-selected sustainable products from interior suppliers working within the cruise, hotel, and aviation industries. Take a look at the products that will feature in the 2024 Product Showcase in London, including composites, materials, and other interior products.

If you are interested in participating in the Product Showcase for 2024, please enquire here.

Aquafil SpA

Aquafil’s “R2R” initiative aims at involving Aquafil’s clients in the carpet segment to eco-design a carpet with a unique characteristic: circularity. This entails producing carpets, using a regenerated ingredient, specifically ECONYL® nylon, which can be recycled at the end of their lifespan continuing the cycle indefinitely.

This solution addresses the challenge of managing end-of-life carpets in various sectors like hospitality, cruise ships, aviation and mobility, aligning with Aquafil’s commitment to sustainability and responsible resource management.

Brintons Carpets

Introducing Purely Natural by Brintons, a new product that offers natural, renewable, biodegradable and plastic-free carpets suitable for commercial and marine applications.

Showcasing the beauty of natural materials, Purely Natural carpets are woven using 100% British wool, (available undyed and dyed) with a cotton, jute and natural rubber latex backing.

By combining wool with plant derived backing materials, Purely Natural are the first independently certified 100% biobased carpets by Brintons. Biobased refers to materials derived from new biological sources that contain organic carbon, typically used to replace non-renewables such as fossil fuels. (which are considered old organic substance sources)

The collections offer broadloom carpet and rugs and are available in bespoke designs and a range of qualities.


The EcoScent Titania scent delivery system is the ideal solution for creating ambient scenting in any business setting.

Ideal for medium to large commercial areas – hotel, meeting rooms, retail shops, bars, reception rooms.

The EcoScent Titania features advanced diffusion technology that converts fragrance oil into a fine, dry, mist releasing fragrance safely and directly into your environment without sprays or aerosols.

The Titania scent system offers adjustable duration and scent intensity settings — making it easy for you to customise the scent output for your chosen environment.

This scent machine has a built-in fan to disperse the scent so a slight fan noise will be heard when the unit is in operation. WiFi operational system is available on request upon order.

Floor Standing Coverage is up to 2000 cubic meters.

Foglizzo Leather

Revolutionary Recycled Leather by Foglizzo Sustainable Lab

The most sustainable alternative to leather, is revolutionizing the industry with its innovative approach. Made from pre/post-consumer leather scraps, it utilizes 85% leather fibres, offering a customizable experience akin to genuine leather. The top colour can be personalized to any desired shade, providing designers with a creative playground within Foglizzo Custom range.

What sets it apart is its commitment to full circularity. It comprises only two components: leather fibres and polyester fibres, eliminating the need for glue or resin. Unlike many vegan alternatives, it does not employ PVC or PU coating, ensuring breathability. Furthermore, it boasts an impressive sustainability profile. With up to 85% recycled leather fibre, surpasses the 45% maximum of existing alternatives. Additionally, 50% of the polyester fibre is recycled. This translates to a remarkable 60-85% reduction in carbon footprint compared to natural leather. And it’s already certified by GRS.

Manifattura Testori

Manifattura Testori has developed new IMO sustainable fabrics made with 100% recycled FR polyester as well as natural fibres and recyclable at the end of life.

These textile materials are suitable for upholsteries, bedding components, curtains, bed runners and wallcoverings for both cabins and public spaces. 

With more than 50 years of experience in the Transportation sector, Testori was able to apply the same technologies also to different applications, as per the Aviation cabin interiors, without losing creativity, design, craftmanship and made in Italy. 

Standards: GRS, OEKO-TEX, REACH.

MJM Marine

MJM Marine are showcasing their product at Sustainable Design Summit 2024, their full bio will be available shortly.

Morbern Europe

Morbern’s total commitment to greener living and eco-friendly solutions makes it a leader in the supply of sustainable vegan leather.

Morbern was one of the first manufacturers to introduce durable FR-free coated fabrics to meet the growing demand for materials without flame-retardant (FR) additive in North America. As the FR-free revolution gained momentum around the world, Morbern expanded its FR-free product range and launched MorGreen™: a collection of coated fabrics without any chemical FR additives, still achieving CAL117, the European Fire Norm EN1021 (Part 1&2) and the much coveted OekoTex Label. The most recent addition to the MorGreen™ FR-free collection, EvoHide™, combines high bio-content ingredients and a 100% recycled polyester backing fabric to reach 75% sustainable content.

As a pioneer of durable, eco-friendly surface solutions, Morbern Europe also opted this January (2023) to switch the backing of its 8 best-selling IMO MED certified product ranges to a 100% recycled fabric, knitted in-house with Repreve™ yarn, derived from used PET plastic bottles. Morbern Europe is part of the global ISO9001:2015 & ISO14001:2015 certified company, headquartered in Ontario, Canada with a central European distribution hub in Belgium.

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