Event Format

Order of the Summit

  • Keynote Session
  • Breakout Session
  • Plenary: Designed for Zero
  • Plenary: Pitching to Stakeholders – How to hold a conversation about sustainability?
  • Sector Breakout Roundtables (Chatham House Rules)
  • Plenary Round Up & Feedback Session

As you can see above, this is a basic outline of the order of your day at the Sustainable Design Summit (you can find a detailed agenda here).

For any delegates unsure, below we’ve outlined some of the key terms of the day, just so you know what to expect from a fantastic day of knowledge sharing:

  • Plenary: All delegates will be together in the main conference room for these sessions
  • Breakouts: We will have use of additional rooms for smaller sessions and discussions. These are typically guidance or education topics.
  • Chatham House Rules: Each sector will have a closed-door conversation for brand owners to start to digest what they’ve been learning and how to apply that best to their sector.
    Plenary Round-Up Session: We will ask a representative from each industry to share some agreed findings and messages with the whole audience at the end. It’s possible we will invite some panelists as ‘mentors’ who can help to problem solve.
  • Throughout: Reference to lots of case study examples (the ‘Quick Deep Dive’)

Join the cruise, hotel, and aircraft interiors sectors at Sustainable Design Summit and book your pass today!

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